Friday, 13 April 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 8

He hadn't forgotten the day's debacle. He had seen the pain and anger in her eyes. He wished he could change things. He contemplated of avoiding the event by saying something that time instead standing quietly. But past cannot be changed. He wanted to do so many things. He wanted to thrash Nitin for saying such a thing. He wanted to go back to Dina and kneel down in front of her, begging for forgiveness. But he couldn't do that. He didn't have courage. 

He sat looking at the small table clock with an urge to throw the clock from the desk. But he refrained. He had already dragged attention of people to his personal life and now he didn't want to be tagged as temperamental person. He immediately took his phone and left the office after informing his boss that he was sick. He drove aimlessly on the wide road. 

After driving for hours, he had not realized that he had reached Dina's house. He had remembered the days of their courtship when he would wait tirelessly for her in front of her house. He stared at the large gate of the house, deciding whether or not to visit her. Later he decided against visiting her and drove back home.

Dina couldn't focus at work. She thought constantly about him. She wondered what he thought about her or did anything she said mattered to him.  She felt weak instead of feeling triumphed for tarnishing his image in office. She felt she overreacted. She took break from work after not being able to concentrate. She visited the nearest flower shop and bought a bouquet with apology card.  

She then traveled home after bargaining with several autos and cabs.  When she reached, she simply stared. She sat in auto for minutes before the driver asked for the fare. She replied that she had changed her plans and  guided the auto driver to her parental house . The auto driver gleamed with happiness for the profit he made on the trip. 

Amit's car had almost passed her auto in midst of their way. Unfortunately they didn't see each other. They were deep into their thoughts. As soon as she reached her house, she silently walked towards her room. She locked her room without seeing that her mother called her for some tasks. She cried unstoppingly. Her mother understood and muttered to herself, " Youth nowadays don't understand love. I can see that she loves him madly. She doesn't understand that she is causing pain to her as well as him for small issue. I won't say anything. She will realize this one day."

(To be continued)

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