Monday, 28 May 2018

O' Suzzanna - Part 1

Jacob watched the crowd madly call his name from his stage. He loved their screams and excitement to watch him perform. But that didn't give him adrenaline rush to perform. It was 'Suzzanna' who gave him inspiration.  He name was more than enough to give him butterflies in his tummy and heart beat go faster. He had never met her or seen her. She had always remained in his dreams. After performing many years, he had almost lost hope to find Suzzanna.

Like always he searched the crowd for his Suzzanna while he began to play his guitar. She was not there. His heart broke. His mind wandered to thoughts of whether he would get a slight glimpse of the girl in his imagination and whether he would win his friend Sue's challenge. 'O Suzzanna, Are you just my imagination or real? " he sang the first line of the song while the crowd cheered.

                          ******  14 Years Back ******

It was hot summer morning. Little Jacob sat on floor with his cursive writing book. He watched his favorite cartoon 'Tom and Jerry' on TV while he practiced the alphabets in cursive handwriting as asked by his mother. He laughed momentarily whenever he watched Tom being thrashed by Jerry. His mother was busy preparing food for catering business which she started with her friend. 

The phone rang. Jacob didn't pick up. He waited for his mom to pick. After two rings, his mom rushed to pick. She briefly scolded Jacob and then spoke, "Hey Sheena. I was busy in the kitchen." Jacob ignored his mother and watched the commercial. Ad commercials never interested him. But this one was different. It was a Rasna ad. A girl of same age as him sat on small bench with juice. She was pretty and the way she said 'I love you, Rasna.' made him blush. 

He wanted to know what was her name. As he was deciding what her name would be, his mother spoke animatedly on the phone, "Suzzanna! That's a nice name." Jacob immediately liked the name and wrote it on his book - Suzzanna. He didn't pay attention to latter part of his mother conversation with Sheena where she congratulated her for her brother's wedding. His mother finished the call and walked towards him. She saw 'Suzzanna' written on the book and asked, "Suzzanna! How do you know her?" "She is my girlfriend.", he said, beaming with smile. His mother gently brushed his hair and smiled at her child's innocence.

(To be continued)

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