Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 10

Life was standstill for both of them. They were completely absorbed in each other's thought. They were non existent to people. They were only bodies without soul. Their soul and heart was with each other respectively. Still they didn't understand that their happiness lied on coming back to each other. Everyone around them understood that but they failed to understand.

It was pleasant evening. Dina and her mother were having light chat with tea in the garden. They spoke about weather, shopping, boutique, movies and finally about Dina's life. The conversation was light initially with her mother pulling her leg. Suddenly it became deep. "So what are you going to do with Amit? Are you planning to separate?", her mother asked sarcastically. The words hit where it should have hit- Dina's heart.

She was pained by mother's words."Why do you ask? Why will I leave him?", she cried. "You don't meet him. You don't talk to him. You don't fight with him. You don't do anything with him. It's been four months that you are staying away from him. He hasn't even come to console you nor you have not gone to convince him. It's like as if he doesn't exist.", her mother said , leaving her to fend herself.

Her mother was right. She had neither tried her part to convince him to get back nor he had asked her to come back. They were fighting each other instead of resolving their differences. She scolded for all the events that took place. She felt childish to go to his office and fight in front of everyone to prove her point. She should have understood him. She had made a terrible mistake and she planned to rectify it.

Amit thought about Dina as usual. In past few months, he had missed her. He felt miserable for not giving her enough time. He had put all his effort in sustaining his job but failed in his own marriage. He had decided. He would get her back. He would withstand her anger and complaints. He would not give up on their relationship.

Next day arrived early. The sun shined brightly. Amit and Dina were determined to get their relationship on track. They got ready for their mission. Amit drove towards Dina's house while Dina traveled to Amit's house which was once hers too. Amit stood at Dina's mansion, thinking what he should say while Dina prayed for everything to go well outside his house.

(To be continued)