Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 12

Dina rang the bell when there was no response to the knock. She rang the bell again. There was no response again. She took a look at the watch. It was 6 pm. "Ah! Wrong time. Wrong place. I should have headed towards the office.", she wondered. She took the elevator to reach the ground floor. She admonished herself for being too self centered.

The elevator reached the ground floor. She waited for the door to open. Her heart skipped when the door opened. It was him. Both were numb. She neither expected him to be here nor did he. Both were surprised. As the door was about shut close, he bought his hand in between instantly to stop the door. She got outside.

While she headed towards the car, he held her hand. "Aren't you stopping by?", he asked. She turned back to meet his eyes . She was already crying. "I don't know. You didn't say anything.", she said weeping. The words were inaudible but he was able to understand. "Do I need to? It's your house too.", he said as he came closer to her.

"Stay. Don't go. I need you. I love you", he said gently brushing his lips on her head. "I love you too.", she said, hugging him tightly. They sealed their heart and headed to their floor. They didn't speak the whole night. They stayed closer, cuddled together.

The next morning was bright and warm. The house suddenly became home to them. Everything seemed perfect. She woke him up with hot breakfast coffee and yellow sticky note containing sorry and a smiley written in red lipstick. He smiled at her as he sipped the coffee.

"I am sorry. I should have understood your pain.", she said. "No! Why do you need to apologize. I was being mean to you. I shouldn't have put my frustration on you.", he said. "But I ruined your image in front of everyone. I was too childish.", she argued. "I deserved it. I should have argued with Nitin. He had no right to speak ill about you.", he reasoned. "But I am wrong. Let me apologize. I will feel much better if I say sorry.", she disagreed. "There you start again. I am saying you don't have to apologize.", he asserted. "What do you mean I started again? Wait! Do you mean that I was wrong?", she complained and left the room. He followed her, stating his arguments. A war had ended between them to start again.

                                                ***** The end *****

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