Monday, 4 June 2018

O' Suzzanna- Part 2

A week had passed. Nothing had changed. He was still smitten by Suzzanna. He would always wait for Rasana ad. When it arrived, he would fix his attention to the ad. His mother didn't care much of his innocent crush. She was sure it would pass. 

It was Sunday evening. They were at Sheena's brother's wedding reception. A marquee was set up just outside the house. There was a small stage on the east side of marquee facing the chairs put up for three hundred guests. The guests were elated to see the newly married couple. 

The bride wore a maroon gown while the groom wore black and white suit. Two coolers were kept to make guests comfortable in the scorching heat evening. But it wasn't enough to keep them cool as they bathed in their perspiration.

After few minutes, the crowd started dwindling. Jacob had been begging his mother to leave as he felt stuffed in the tuxedo he wore. His mother shushed him quite many times. To avoid any more embarrassment, she decided to bless the couple and leave. When they were on the stage, his mother congratulated the couple and asked Jacob to present the gift. He did as he was told and said animatedly, "My girlfriend's name is Suzzanna too." The couple laughed and gently patted his back. Jacob was confused at their reaction. Before he could ask anything, the photographer asked them to pose.

Jacob and his mother had started to leave when Sheena appeared from nowhere. "You are leaving already. Please stay for some time. Why don't you have dinner with us?", she said. His mother obliged while Jacob sulked. "Sue, show Jacob around the house and play with him until we call you for dinner. He must be getting bored.", Sheena called her daughter who stood behind her. 

Sue was same age as Jacob. She was delicate . Her round face had nervous smile and almond shaped eyes. She had bob cut. Her fringes fell neatly on her tiny forehead. Discipline was written on her face. She obediently showed around the house and her toys. Jacob was bored. He wasn't interested with her toys or games. He looked at the time on clock hung on the wall. It was time for his favorite cartoon. "Do you watch duck tales?", he asked. "Yes, it's my favorite cartoon.", she replied. An excitement struck his face. "You know what! Let's watch it now.", she said , as they sped towards the hall. At last a cartoon was all it took to break the ice between them.

(To be continued)

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