Monday, 9 July 2018

O ' Suzzannna - Part 9

It was difficult for Jacob to continue with his life without his dear friend. He hadn't noticed then that she had been important part of his life. He made several changes to his life in the hope of getting her back in his life. He had left the band and their habit once she had gone. Whenever he got the urges to get back to his old life, he would remember the flashback of the day he lost Sue. 
He was more responsible now. He helped his mother in her catering business. His mother was surprised and happy to see her new matured Jacob. He wrote several emails to Sue to come back. He also wrote about how much changed he was now and he would never repeat the same mistakes. But she didn't reply to any of his emails. 

One night he was checking his emails for her reply as usual after work. He was about to log out when suddenly a new message popped into his inbox. It was her message. He opened it. It read - 

"Hi Jacob!

I am happy that you have left your old habits. Aunty must be proud of you now. But why did you quit music? What about your quest for Suzzanna? I only wanted best for you. That band and the drug was ruining you. I only wanted you out of it. I didn't ask you to quit music. Go and make more music. Your passion lies there. Find your Suzzanna. 

I won't promise that I will come back now. Let me finish what I have started here. Three years are not long. I will meet you soon.

Yours truly annoying friend

He had read the mail again and again. He felt his life had come back. But he wasn't happy that he had to wait three years for Sue. Next day, he had politely informed his mother about his decision to revive his music career. His mother didn't quite like the idea. But she supported him for his happiness. 

He started his journey from the scratch. He auditioned several music companies. All the companies rejected. He didn't give up. He sang for small gathering and functions. He earned little. But that didn't bother him. He knew his time was coming soon. 

(To be continued)

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