Wednesday, 8 August 2018

O' Suzzanna - Part 13

Next day he tried  messaging her , asking her if he had hurt her anyway. She had replied back with a no and why. He was about to type something. But  he simply replied back, "Nothing". He didn't want to bother her more for a childish issue he had faced last night.

His addition to the band was not all bed of roses. He wasn't welcomed properly by the group. He became mere guitarist instead of a lead singer. Roy, one of the member was dominant  as well as the proud one. The other members of band were his tail who only followed his words and  encouraged his opinions.

Jacob felt like outsider. He had voiced his opinion many times to improve the quality of music. He had even shared his concern about being the lead singer to manager. But the manager couldn't do anything more than just sharing his sympathies with him. 

He was getting frustrated day by day. One day his frustration had reached all bounds. The band was going to play at the youth fest. As soon as their names were called, the members got ready to step in. Suddenly they heard Jacob playing on the stage. It was the same song he had auditioned for the band. The member stared at Roy. Roy was embarrassed. He was silent for the first time.

The crowd cheered. Slowly the band joined with sorry face. As soon as Jacob turned to see his band members behind , he signaled them to join in. He forgave them. They added beats and their own touch to the song. 

After their performance, new friendships were formed.  Past was forgotten. He got busy with the band. He hadn't realized when the days had become months and Sue's sudden arrival startled him.  

(To be continued)

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