Wednesday, 1 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 13

He didn't believe his eyes. He had almost lost hope and had given up again because of this dog. Here it was standing and wagging at it's tail while Kimberly was giving instructions. He wanted to hit the dog but he couldn't do that. It was because of this dog, he would be able to relive his dream again.

He walked towards Sheru and stood next to him the way other dogs and their handlers stood. He stood third from where Ramlal stood with his dog. They followed the instruction well. It looked as if they were born for this only- being the villager guard. However he still didn't understand why Ramlal participated. He had huge house and inherited lot of wealth from his ancestor. He even had job to support his additional income.

He looked at Sheru. Today it was more diligent and loyal. This was unusual. It was more playful and never listened to his orders. Sheru did what it was told. But Prasun was still not out of his shock. He still believed he was living a dream. Maybe it was a dream. If he pinched himself, he would be out within few minutes.

He pinched twice. He slapped himself repeated times. He wasn't out of the dream. Maybe it was not a dream. He bough himself back to reality when he realized people staring at his weird actions. He smiled and said, " I have nap at this time. It will take time for me to unlearn this habit."

Shyam Babu smiled while Kimberly nodded her head, signalling him that it was okay. As the dogs completed their basic training, they were given some vaccines. It was Sheru's turn. Like other dogs, he was afraid too. But it jumped when the needle was close to it.

He tried to soothe the dog. But Sheru was really scared. What if it was painful! It never saw anything like that being inserted to it's skin by human. Were they going to kill him? Oh Lord! No! It didn't want to die so soon.

(To be continued)

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