Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 21

He offered Sheru as he promised. But he added too much of masala to make it more spicy. He knew Sheru couldn't tolerate spicy food. He placed the plate in front of Sheru. It smacked it's lips and couldn't control it's temptation.

It took large piece of the fish. It didn't expect it coming. The fish was tasty. But the spice was too much for it to relish the taste. It spit the fish and looked up. It's tongue was out. It's eyes were watering.

It knew something was wrong with it's master who was turning sweet suddenly. But it didn't expect this. It had assumed that it would be offered food and then given nice spankings. It also thought that it would just get spankings instead of juicy fish.

The yummy fish and hunger was to be blamed. Hadn't it been tempted, it would have caught him red handed. Now it only wanted water to cool it's tongue. Prasun enjoyed the view of his naughty dog in danger. He wanted it to learn a spicy lesson. This way, it would never mess with him.

Sheru ran towards the vessel filled with water. The vessel was the same height as Sheru. It stretched a bit to have a sip. The water cooled it's tongue. It kept drinking until it's tummy stopped burning and it felt relieved.

Prasun got busy with day to day tasks. He got on with the work of fetching fish for dinner. He cleaned his broken house and made it look better. Later he walked towards the lake and fetched fishes for dinner. As he walked home, Sheru leaped towards him. The fishes were fallen down. It then ate all the fishes fallen on the ground

(To be continued)

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