Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 27

Ramlal finally did it. He found Sheru's weakness. Sheru could be easily distracted with any sound. He had seen that. Once large sound had almost made Sheru lose the game. He was supposed to fall from the balancing act because of it's being distracted from Sheru.

Sheru didn't fall. By then, Prasun had managed to keep him balancing the loop. Today wasn't eventful day for Prasun and Sheru. He had overslept and arrived late. Kimberly wasn't in good mood and unfortunately he got mouthful from her.

The training started with jogging around the ground followed with normal fetch game. Then Kimberly included a new exercise where a fake toy tiger was placed and how each dogs reacted was examined. This test was purely in order to understand whether they were ready to confront the real tigers in the zoo.

It wasn't easy test. Some dogs fared well unexpectedly while some failed. It was Sheru's turn. He was the black horse and impressed everyone with enthusiasim. But today wasn't his day. Ramlal made sure it wasn't his day.

Ramlal watched for a sharp object once Sheru was introduced to the tiger. Sheru was close enough to accomplish his task. He had shown remarkable courage to approach the fake tiger even though he was apprehensive due to his curiousity.

Ramlal had noticed something at last. He took out a pin from pocket of his shirt. He walked towards the electric pole which stood at the corner of the city. He hit the pin on the electric pole which gave shrill sound. 

(To be continued)

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