Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Tiger's Hound- Part 28

The sound wasn't too loud. It didn't reach Sheru. Sheru stared at the fake tiger, still wondering what creature stayed so calm with people around. He had his first experience with tiger on that day where he had suddenly turned into village hero.

That tiger was huge and had big scary eyes. It was scared of one thing and that was humans. Here was a tiger which was different in terms of the way it looked and the way it was supposed to be. This tiger was small. It's eyes didn't have that " I am the tiger.. king of this jungle. You need to fear me!"

It sat peacefully while people smiled , trying best to conceal the hidden fact that Sheru would eventually find out. Sheru focused his eyes and his amazing doggy nose towards the tiger sitting few Angstrom away from it. It bore a smile on it's lip which was strange.

Which creature could sit so peacefully with a smile? Sheru knew that if he had to sit in front of many number of people, it would be frightened. He wouldn't even wag his tail or open his mouth with his tongue out. He would be scared than excited or happy. He would do what every creatures do. Run.. Find some place safe.

He searched for a scent. During first few minutes, he thought he had bad cold. He tried to sneeze and what he got was tiny sneezes. "Wait a minute! Was this animal in first place?", he thought. He had best nose amongst his friends and he could get scent from far off places. But why wasn't he able to make out this tiger's scent. As far as his memory, the tiger's scent was wild. This one didn't give any.

He concluded. Humans are stupid. They haven't understood the dog species clearly. Bringing in fake tiger wouldn't tell who was brave. They should bring in real one and then test their courage. Humans will be humans.. Proud and underestimating the smartness of other species. He walked towards the tiger and placed his paw on the fake tiger's paw with confidence, again maintaining his top dog spot.

(To be continued)

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