Thursday, 24 September 2015

Sweetness of Love- Part 13

He looked at her. She was glaring at him as usual. "Why are you looking at me like that? I helped you. Don't you say thanks to people who help you? Where is the courtesy nowadays in this mordern world?", he asked.

Her mother nudged her and asked her to say thanks. She said," Thanks!" . Her mother smiled at him and said, "She is not that open. Since the time her father left us, she doesn't trust any men. She is wary about strangers she meets." She didn't like her mother sharing about past to strangers.

She was annoyed.  "Is she always like this.. angry?", he asked. "Yes! I am always angry", she wanted to scream. She has always been annoyed with life, people and health.  She couldn't remember the time she was happy. Ironically true!

She was discharged with additional medicines prescribed by doctors for her cure. She had told her mother to pay the medical bills. But her mother didn't accept the money. She told her that the bills were settled by Sameer.

She didn't like it. Why was he trying to get close with her? Whatever! She was never letting this guy into her life. She had many things to take care about instead of falling into love trap. She had her family, part time job and her college. She couldn't afford to jeopardize it with love.

And she knew Sameer didn't have anything to think about. Though he was upper middle class boy, he had nothing to worry about. His future was already set. He had to manage his dad's business and possible would get married to richest father's daughter. While her future lay on her hands and if she didn't do anything now, she would lose everything.

(To be continued)

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