Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Sweetness of Love- Part 7

It didn't take him long to get all the details about her. He had learnt about her family- she had five year old daughter and a mother. She wasn't in any relationship. She was staying in small apartment from the past twenty years.. that was the only thing that he had known wouldn't change about her. He knew how much she loved her house.

He also learnt that she was very busy with the work and family since she graduated college.She had no time for personal gratification. So how come she has a daughter? She never had affairs during college except him. He didn't understand why he had got sudden interest in meeting her.

He had driven towards her house with no sense of  where he was heading. He had planned to take long drive to clear his thoughts. But he ended up at her place. This was strange. He had never thought that his memories about the directions of her house would remain so fresh. He hadn't forgotten anything.

He was at her house. Nothing had changed. Her flat was located at the fourth floor of local chowk. He walked the stairs as the passerby looked at him with amused stares. He knocked the door of her flat after he tried to ring the bell. It was warm afternoon. A little girl opened the door. He watched her with bewilderment.

The child stared at him with the same eyes that reminded him of his childhood. "Yes?", she asked in sweet shrill voice. He patted her back gently and smiled. Somewhere deep in his hear, he wished that the little girl was his daughter. He felt foolish.

Her mother appeared. She was shocked to see him at their doorstep. She had last seen him when she had caught her daughter red handed with him. She had tried to keep him away from her daughter. But her efforts failed. They got closer until everything changed in her daughter's life.

(To be continued)

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