Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The Marital Conditions - Part 11

What was that?  He wished the kiss was for long time. It was too quick and spontaneous for him to react. Whatever, it left him numb. His mind was blank. It took him back to time when they had shared their first kiss. It was out of blue moon.  She was looking stunningly beautiful and he had lost his heart one more time to her. He couldn't control himself and kissed her passionately. It was their first date. It hadn't gone as planned but the kiss made that night the most memorable night they shared. Unfortunately, he couldn't remember the last time he had kissed her with passion.

The day passed by monotonously. They came home tired. Tia lied on the couch with her shoes thrown recklessly on the floor. As Suhail arrived, he tripped on one of her shoes. He got up angry. Before things could go worse, Mikha arrived at right time. "Tia, you are grown up now. Take your shoes and keep them on shoe rack. It doesn't take a minute or ounce of your energy will not be wasted if you keep them properly.", Mikha said firmly.

Tia got up lazily and sulked on her way towards the shoe rack with her shoes. As soon as she kept them, Mikha ordered, "Please apologize to him and get back to work."  "Why? I didn't do anything wrong. What work? I have just come back from work.", Tia protested. "You had thrown your shoes. Suhail tripped on that. And work! Who will start preparing dinner? I am not here to do maid services. I am here to guide you. Suhail, please help her.", Mikha said.

Suhail and Tia got changed. They arranged the house and prepared the dinner. Mikha only supervised their work. There would be fight sometimes. Sometimes there would be tiny spark of love between them. Mikha ensured there was nothing big.  After the dinner, they were getting ready for bedtime when Mikha called them, "Your day isn't over. What about entertainment? Come, lets watch a nice movie."

Mikha continued the drill for two days. Tia and Suhail automatically got used to the schedule made by Mikha. They wouldn't venture out for work without goodbye kiss. As soon as they arrived from office, they would get started with usual chores and finish the day with a nice romantic movie. There were tiny fights. But love was re-entering their life again. Mikha was satisfied but not happy. There was still something missing.

Suhail and Tia arrived from work. They got back to their usual housework when Mikha stopped them, "You are acting like robots. You don't have to do housework as soon as you come back home. Why don't you talk to each other? Like ask each other about your day. How will you build the bond with each other when you don't discuss your day. Maybe one of you can solve other's problem at work. Come and sit. Discuss what happened." They sat on the couch, staring at each other. Both of them had one question, "Will he/she listen to me without passing any judgements?"

(To be continued)

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