Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The Untouchable - Part 10

She lay on the bed with one arm on her head. She was dreaming about what had happened with eyes open. Her eyes were dozing off . She didn't want to sleep. She didn't want to switch off her mind . She wanted to remember those moments. She wanted to keep them close to her heart.

After months of fighting with her feelings for him, she had finally lost the war.  She felt her heartbeat race faster and body shudder whenever she was close to him. She missed him like a wanderer in desert searching for an oasis. She needed him as well as not want him at same time. She felt strong connection toward him - an attraction she couldn't avoid. 

She wanted to share that feeling with him but the thought of rejection dampened her desires. "What if he never felt anything like what I felt! What if he would ridiculed me if I shared my feeling! No! I need to stop this. He is my friend. I don't want to lose a good friend.", she thought. 

Few miles away from her abode at the same time, he was thinking about her. Memories of her smile, her eyes and her chirpiness warmed his soul.  Happiness in her voice, the rhythm of her giggles and her beautiful soul lit his hidden feelings. He had admired her for her beauty when he first laid eyes on her. Now he adored , worshiped and loved her after getting to know her inside and out. 

He wanted to spill out his feeling for her. He had tried many occasions. Sometimes luck was not favorable and sometimes his fear took the lead. With the final day of shoot coming closer, his heart panicked. He didn't want to stay apart from her. He wanted to spend more time. He tried to find some free time between the shoots to spend with her. Sometimes his heart broke when work came in between them. However when he found some time with her, he would wish time to stand still. 

They were finally alone. The shoot ended smoothly. Everyone had left except for few. Roop and Varun were joking around at his makeshift office. They were giggling and teasing each other while sharing dinner together. The time flew fast. They were deeply engrossed in their talk that they didn't bother to wash their hands after dinner. Suddenly, Roop's mom arrived without knocking. They were startled by her arrival. "Ma! How come you are here?", Roop asked. Roop's mom smiled nervously and replied,"I was worried about you. You didn't respond any of my calls." "Sorry Ma!", she said and bid Varun goodbye. As she was about to leave, he grabbed her hand suddenly. She turned back and held his gaze for long time before they realized her mom was waiting for her. He wanted to say something but he couldn't speak out. He mumbled, "Sorry" and let her go. Her mom understood what was going on. Her greatest fear was turning true.

(To be continued)

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