Friday, 18 August 2017

The Untouchable-Part 16

She was engrossed in her world. Her mind was filled with thoughts and memories of him. The rings of her phone bought her back to the reality. It was him. After hesitating for few minutes, she answered the call. The call was brief. "Hi, How are you?", he asked. "I am fine.", she spoke, trying to hide her tears and grief. But Varun could sense it. He didn't ask instead he said, "I wanted to inform you about tomorrow's press conference. I have explained everything to your manager. He will let you know about everything regarding conference."

She couldn't bear the pain anymore. She cut the call before he could speak longer. The pain was terrible. Their night was sleepless one. The morning was no better. Roop was physically occupied by her mother and manager's constant inputs of what was she expected to speak and what questions she would be asked. However her mind and heart was with him.

Varun was disturbed. He wondered about her sudden change of behaviour. He had kept himself busy with work, trying to keep himself away from her. But it was not working. It pained him. It hurt her. It was wounding their special relationship. He didn't want to lose one good friend.

Varun and Roop arrived together while the producer, lead actor and the media waited for them. As they walked toward the main stage, they momentarily glanced each other. They were searching love in each other's eyes but reality forbade them to indulge deeper. Anant sat between them. 

The questions hit them like arrows. It started with questions regarding the movie, future projects and memories regarding the shooting. Later it got diverted towards their relationship. Roop was uncomfortable. She tried to avoid some of them. "Are Varun and Roop dating?", one of reporters asked. "We are good friends. We share cordial professional relationship with her. Apart from that, there is nothing.", Varun said, the words broke his heart as well as Roop. She watched him. Her heart was breaking. She should have known from the start. There would be no spark between them.

"Yes, that's true. Apart from work relationship, we don't share anything.", Roop said bitterly. "Any chances of you working with him again?", one of journalist asked. "I don't know about future. I only live in present. Can we talk about this movie for now?", she replied. The press conference was success. With the months passing by, the news about them was fading slowly. The movie was success. Roop regained her position back. Varun got his foothold right on the industry. They hardly meet eye to eye when they are in any function. But their hearts silently ache for the special memories they shared together.

**** The End ****

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