Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 23

Vicky lay hopelessly on the floor, trying to revive his body to get up. His efforts were futile. He felt frustrated for not moving even an inch. He lay on the same floor for hours he couldn't remember. He growled. He scowled. He frowned. But he didn't move. Mother laughed. Her laugh sounded like slow clicking sound of bush cricket.

As Sakshi walked, her mind was focused on well being of her brother and mother. She wished they were safe. The thought of two demons torturing them made her skip a heart beat. She reached her mother's room. She looked around for the door that would take her to her family. She didn't remember mother talking about the room. She shifted the furniture and knocked every wall. She even tapped the floors to find the hidden door. She only made fool of herself.

"Check under the bed. You will find the way",  Pallavi said. Sakshi did what she said. She crawled underneath the bed to find a knob on the floor. "I found it.", Sakshi squealed. She got out of the bed. Later she pushed the bed to a side so that she could open the knob comfortably. Then she slowly lifted the knob up.  It was trap door to the hidden room.

The door led to staircase to the hidden room. She slowly stepped down the stairs followed by Pallavi.  The steps again led her to a narrow passage. "Will this ever end?", she thought. She walked unaware of what she would see. She prayed that they were safe and alive. When she reached the end of passage, she took deep breath.

It wasn't pitch dark. Tiny candles lit the room. It was neither bright nor dark. It was enough to make people see. To her horror,she saw the black shadow was on top of Vicky. It looked like as if it was pulling his tongue out. Her mother was laughing and walking up and down the wall in crab position. Her heart stopped beating for a moment. She was petrified. The sweat beads slowly dripped from her face mixing with the salty tears drops.

"Vicky! No!", she screamed. Vicky looked at his sister at the corner of the eyes. He was relieved and nervous at the same time. The shadow stopped what it was doing. It turned it's focus towards Sakshi. Before it could do anything, Pallavi intervened. She raised her palm towards the shadow, motioning it to stop. She closed her eyes and started chanting sacred mantras. The shadow stopped and snarled at Pallavi.

(To be continued)

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