Sunday, 22 April 2018

Pause and Resume - Part 9

A week passed by. They hadn’t called each other. They didn’t even speak to each other. She watched her phone one last time for the day. She  tossed it away in act of disappointment.  She brushed her hair  gently , thinking about him. "Did he ever loved me?", she wondered.

He replayed the sweet memories they shared with mixed emotion. He had distanced himself from friends and everyone who mattered in his life. His life now  revolved around work, home and memories. He longed for his wife to come back. But he was hesitant to convince her to come back.

She decided to spend some time on sharpening her culinary skills. She stared blankly at the jars on the shelves in the kitchen.  Her mom arrived to fetch some snacks. “Do you need something?”, her mother asked disturbing her train of thoughts. “ No , I wanted to cook something. But I m clueless about what to cook.”, she replied. Her mother said, “How about Chinese ? You love Chinese food.”
“Hmmm. I was thinking about dal fry. Amit loves dal fry I prepare.”, Dina said instantly and then later regretting about what she said.

Her mom smiled.  “You miss him. Why don’t you speak to him?”, she asked gently. Dina ignored her question and got back to cooking. Her mom didn’t press the matter and left her alone. She did miss him. But she was angry. She wanted to forgive me and let go. But the thought of ‘ what if he repeated his mistake again?’ bothered her again.

Amit wished that things were better. He had too much expectation from his job. He had thought that he could give the best life to her with the promotion. He had worked tirelessly to provide better life for her. He wished she understood him. He wished she supported his endeavour. But she left him when he needed her badly.

Another month passed. Both of them were restless. But they were reluctant to do anything. Both of them wanted apology. Both of them thought they were right. Both of them were guided by their respective egos. Both of them had expectations from each other. But none wanted to give up their stand for sake of others.

(To be continued)

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