Wednesday, 27 June 2018

O' Suzzanna - Part 6

******  10 Years Later *****

As years had passed by, their friendship grew thicker. Sue always had Jacob's back. She saved him every time he got into trouble. Since the time he reached the age of thirteen, he had always been prone to troubles. But he knew he had Sue with him and she would always get him out every time he got into one. Unlike his rebellious persona. Sue was obedient one. 

Whenever she said lie about him to help him to get out of trouble, people believed her. Jacob's search for Suzzanna had continued till now. His madness for Suzzanna had increased. Ten years ago when Uncle Mark found the singing star in him, he encouraged him to participate in competitions and show. And there Jacob realized that he could use music as means to find his Suzzanna.

He participated in every contest and shows. He won few of them too. But he didn't find Suzzanna. Few months back, a local band in search of lead singer found him. It didn't take him long to make decision to join them. Sue didn't like the idea of him joining the band. However she didn't complain instead she convinced his mother to let him join. Sue always knew there was something fishy about the band. She had heard rumours of drug abuse by the band. She never said anything until now.

It was normal day. Sue cycled towards Jacob's house.  Cool breeze blew over her face. She had been contemplating on whether to accept or reject the admission she had got in good college in Bangalore throughout the journey to his house. She hadn't even shared the news to her parents. She wanted to share it with Jacob first. She wanted to know his opinion. 

When she arrived, Jacob was not there. His mother was watching television.  She greeted her politely and asked about Jacob. "I really don't understand this boy. He is never home. He is always with those bad boys. He only cares about music and band. Nothing else. Sue, can you please put some sense into this boy. You are his good friend. He listens to you.", his mother complained. 

Sue understood her concern. Every mother would like to see her child happy and not misled by bad company. She nodded and hugged her. "Yes Aunty! I would never let your son down. That's a promise.", she said. She headed towards Jacob's hangout. When she reached, she saw her fears turning real. She should have stopped him then. It was too late now. 

(To be continued)

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