Thursday, 23 November 2017

Mind Your Business - Part 1

The room was dark, eerie and cold. There were few furniture covered with dust laden cloth. The air spoke the story of past to the visitors who dared to step inside. The visitors were ameteur ghost busters.

As they explored the room, they searched for the hints of the hauntings. They had heard from old folklore that demonic spirit was haunting this unfortunate  room of abandoned house for many years and it would capture the one who ventured inside.

The room was heavily  locked by metal locks and chantings. However it was easily broken by  Vikas, the brave one amongst these ameteur ghost busters. His friends were against the idea of breaking the lock. But Vicky was blinded by his hunger for adventure. He didn’t realise the danger lurking behind the door.

After few minutes of investigation,Vicky joked, “You guys were simply getting scared. I think, there is no such spirits here. It's just an old abandoned house and nothing else."  Everyone agreed and decided to leave except his best friend, Ronny. Ronny's face was bent down. He was unusually quiet. "What's the matter, Ronny?", one of his friends asked.

Suddenly Ronny raised his face slowly. He screamed in unrecognizable voice. His voice was coarse. There was mixture of feminine and masculine tone. Everyone covered their ears in quick reaction to the unbearable sound. In few minutes, he stopped. What followed after strange silence shook everyone. He twisted his neck, breaking the source of life connecting his brain to his body. He fell instantly to the ground.

Vicky was more shocked than others after watching his friend die in front of him. He stood still until one of his friends dragged him away from the room.  They thought they were safe. Unfortunately something was following him.

(To be continued)