Monday, 7 July 2014

Red roses- Part 16

He had no words to describe the emotions he had for his lost friend. Helplessness.. Regret.. Guilty.. All words seemed not enough to describe what he was feeling. He thought about Lucy. Was she aware of the news? Maybe she wouldn't have received the news.

The police had called his number , most probably due to first letter of his name. He called her. The first few rings were ignored. She picked up the call when he thought he would disconnect the call. 

"Hello", she said, her voice lacked the chirpiness. It was dull and low. It was obvious that she knew about the death. "Hi! Are you fine? I just.. got the news.. I thought you needed any kind of support. I know what you are going through. I will be there if you need me.", he said.

There was eerie silence on the other side of the phone. " Thanks.. But I don't want you to show me any kind of sympathy. I am better off alone.", she said bitterly and hung up call before he could say anything. He was hurt not by her words but the helplessness that he had shut them off from his life that he lost the rights to share their problems. 

He sat down and cried his heart out. He had lost two of his close friends. One was due to death and the other was due to his cold nature. He didn't sleep the whole night. 

He woke up with the sore eyes . His body ached due to lack of sleep. He stretched his hands and rose up slowly to faint light that passed through the thick curtains. He walked towards the door and opened it to find her standing outside with the newspaper and milk.

( To be continued)

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