Sunday, 10 February 2019

The ShowOffs - Part 34

RK was stunned by her voice. Never did anyone raise their voice against him. It was always him who had control over the people. This lady was different. She could make anyone shiver in their pants.  He tried to open his mouth to say something. But Sonia didn't let him to say anything. She continued to berate him, " I have always taught her to be professional. But that doesn't mean you can have her way with her. She's not any of your flimsy assistant. Don't you dare take your frustration on her.".

He nodded submissively to all her accusation. " I want an answer.  I can't accept your silence for an answer. ", she rebuked him. "Yes, I will not raise my voice on her ever.", he promised. She cut the call without saying goodbye.  He was offended. He threw his phone in anger. This was his fifth phone he had broken since this week.

Simran sat on the bonnet of car. She watched the sunset carelessly without realizing her hand was sticky due to melting of ice cream bar. Rajbir smiled watching her. He secretly took her photo from his phone. Unfortunately he hadn't taken out the flash. The flash sound bought her back to reality. "Why did you take my pic ? I look gross. Why does my hand feel sticky ?", she exclaimed. She noticed her hands in disgust. She got up from the bonnet and skittered towards the front right side outer handle.

She looked for the tissue inside the car. He watched her helplessly searching for the tissue. She got out of the car with no luck. "Will you simply look at me or help me find the damn tissue ?", she asked annoyingly.  He smiled again and took out tissue box that was lying on top of the dashboard.  Later he grabbed a bottle of water.  He signaled her to extend her hands for wash with his eyes. He poured water on her hands that were stained with cream once she extended her hand out.

He later offered her tissues to dry her wet hands. She quickly dried her hands. "My bad ! I didn't see them there.", she said with a smile. " You are a multi-facet person. When you are alone, you are carefree. When you are with me, you are vulnerable. When you are in front of world, you are perfect with no imperfection. What are you ?", he said inquisitively.

They stared at each other for very long time. When Simran came back to senses, she turned back to leave. He pulled her close to him and turned her towards him. He stared at her innocent eyes for sometime. He was searching something in those wide brown eyes. Suddenly he kissed her by surprise.

(To be continued)

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